Choosing the Right Healthcare Facility

Choosing the Right FacilityWhen it comes to the elderly loved ones in our lives, their healthcare conditions and needs change as time progresses. When faced with making healthcare decisions for a loved one, most people just want to make the best choice. They want to know that care is being delivered properly and their loved one is happy and safe. A pleasant and pleasing environment is important, but there is so much more to think about. Have an understanding of what to look for and know what questions to ask prior to ever making an appointment to tour a facility. Time spent in advance will help to avoid making the wrong decision in the long-term.

Starting the Process

The most important aspect when looking for a healthcare facility is the provision of care. Make sure the proper level of care is offered upon enrollment and increasing levels of care are provided throughout the entire stay. Also consider future scenarios. For example: it would be a shame if you entered your mom into facility and after getting settled making new friends, and gaining a sense of comfort, she is told that her needs can no longer be met and other accommodations must be made.

Look for Happy, Engaged and Stimulated Residents

Turn your attention to the recreation program once it has been determined care needs will be met through the entire stay. Look at the activities calendar and ask plenty of questions about the frequency of activities being offered, the types of activities and the satisfaction level of those participating. Look closely when visiting to see if the residents look happily engaged and stimulated. A good activities program will promote socialization and prevent isolation. Make your loved one aware that there are many activities available that he or she will find enjoyable, and tour the facility when a favorite activity is being offered. Knowing a favorite activity is offered could make this important decision just a little easier.

Narrowing on a Decision

Instead of presenting every type of facility and option to your loved one, weed through all the choices then present only the best options. This will minimize confusion as well as decrease feelings of being overwhelmed. Once a facility has been chosen, ask if a trial or respite stay can be arranged. This is a non-threatening way to see if it will be the best fit. When interacting with your loved one, suggest this arrangement as a mini-vacation or little get-away. Since the respite stay is temporary, the final “big decisions” can be made with the experience of actually staying at the facility for a period of time.

Recap of Critical Questions

Be well prepared with the right questions and arm yourself with the knowledge to make the right choice. Important things to consider are:

  • Will care needs be met throughout the entire stay?
  • Does a well-rounded activity calendar exist to provide ample opportunity for socialization, personal growth and self-expression?
  • Is a trial run available?

Knowing the right questions to ask will cultivate better answers. Better answers are the basis for better decisions and better decisions ultimately allow better outcomes.

About PACE

Programs of All Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) offer safety and security during the day, as well as a wide variety of clinical and healthcare services. This level of care meets the needs of people that could be in a care facility but are well enough to live in the community with support and assistance.

Enrolling in a PACE program offers many benefits from a medical management standpoint. Access to physicians and other clinicians in a setting that provides supervision and safety is the primary reason why participants enroll. The benefits of the recreational activities are why participants stay.

To learn more about Beacon of Life services or to refer a participant to our facility, click here to contact us or call 732-592-3400.

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