Being generous makes you feel good. The “warm glow” effect is well-known, and studies have even shown how different areas of the brain “light up” on functional MRIs (fMRIs) when a person performs a generous act. However, a fascinating new study, published in the journal Psychosomatic Medicine: Journal of Biobehavioral Medicine, took this research one [Read More]

11 Fast Facts about Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease in which the amount of sugar in the bloodstream is too high. There are several types of diabetes, but the most common are Type 1 (previously called juvenile diabetes) and Type 2 (previously called adult-onset diabetes). In type 1 Diabetes, the pancreas does not produce insulin, a hormone that modulates the metabolism [Read More]

Heart attacks — myocardial infarctions, in medical lingo — are most commonly associated with men, and, indeed, men are more likely to suffer a heart attack than women. However, a woman who does have a heart attack is more likely to die of it than a man. And cardiovascular disease, currently the leading cause of [Read More]

Celebrating LIFE at Beacon of LIFE!

We are excited to add a new photo gallery of images which we will periodically post to the photo gallery page of our website (in addition to the plethora of images we consistently publish on our social media pages). On this page, we will invite you to join us on a joyous journey, as we [Read More]

Ever since public health measures reduced mortality from infectious disease in the early twentieth century, the leading cause of death in the United States has been heart disease. But not for much longer, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The CDC, the leading federal public health agency in the US, predicts [Read More]

As winter progresses, most people are turning up the thermostats in their home. However, a warmer home does not just make us more comfortable; according to a study published in the Journal of Hypertension, it also protects us against high blood pressure (hypertension). The British study, which followed nearly 5000 people, found that every degree [Read More]

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Curing Type 2 Diabetes with Weight Loss

“Once a diabetic, always a diabetic.” That was always the thinking, even with type 2 diabetes. But anecdotal evidence suggested that if a diabetic lost weight, the diabetes could go into remission. This observation was tested in a clinical trial called the Diabetes Remission Clinical Trial (DiRECT), whose results were published in the prestigious medical [Read More]

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